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  • See results in as little as a few days†
  • Soothing formula leaves skin feeling fresh
  • Feel like "yourself" again!

*If you are not satisfied for ANY reason, simply return your product within 60 days and we will refund your product price - even if your package is empty! Even if you return your bottles, you can still keep the bonus items as our FREE gift to you for trying Acne Complex.

Clear skin is as easy as 1,2,3 - and it only takes four weeks!

  • Calms and soothes your skin while killing 99% of surface bacteria.**
  • Penetrates pores to deep clean, while helping to heal existing blemishes.
  • Helps prevent redness and irritation with an oil-free solution

What's This? 100% 60-Day Guarantee!

Developed by Dr. Howard Murad

Pharmacist, Dermatologist, Holder of 18 dermatology- related patents

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  • ""I never knew that a product could work so well. I can feel Acne Complex working right when I put it on, it's cool and it's refreshing and it just feels so good to use."

    -Megan M., 18
  • "Never did I think there was a product that would clear my skin in 4 weeks! Acne Complex solution has really changed the way I look and feel about myself."

    -Dang N., 23
  • "I finally found products that work for me! I had acne for 5 years and I got clear with Acne Complex."

    -Deedra R., 24
  • "Within 4 weeks all of my blemishes and zits and things completely disappeared. It was so great. I wake up and I'm confident in myself before I even look in the mirror."

    -Taylor G., 16